February 27, 2014

Daria: "Is It Fall Yet?" (Daria Morgendorffer)

La, la, la, la, lah...
Today's post will be featuring the sarcastic, intelligent, stubborn, and cynical Daria, are you excited? 

Daria's appearance almost always consists of a green jacket, orange t-shirt, black skirt, and black military boots, however, in the made-for-TV movie "Is It Fall Yet?" Daria can be seen sitting on a beach wearing a dark grey swimsuit and matching flip-flop sandals.

Don't forget to leave a... Oh what the hell.

Digimon Fusion (The Legendary Deckerdramon, Moves!) (Akari Hinomoto)

Akari Hinomoto forced to do the highly embarrassing "Love Love Dance" whilst wearing a skimpy grass dress and sunflower sandals.

Angie is a young girl with fair skin, amber eyes, and shoulder-length red hair, which is worn in spiky pigtails held by two green scrunchies. Her hair also has a spiky fringe and two sidebangs, which reach her cheeks. She wears a white shirt with a pink collar, long pink sleeves, and a red heart in the left side of the chest. She also wears denim shortalls, with a crimson belt with a circular golden buckle, black stockings, and yellow sneakers with white vamps and shoes.

Æon Flux "The Pilot" (Æon Flux)

In the final part of the episode, a young boy is seen buying a foot fetish magazine with Æon posing on the front cover tickling the soles of her feet. Æon is also shown going into a strange heaven where a spirit begins to lick her feet for all eternity.

Stay Kissin the Pink